Howell Drilling, Inc. owns and operates one of the most versatile fleets of drilling equipment to meet the demands of any project.  Our versatility and our ability to provide drilling equipment specifically designed for each application distinguishes us from our competitors.  Our competitors may have one or two pieces of specialty equipment.  We have 11 specialty drill rigs including 7 LoDrils.  Our drill rigs range from portable rigs that can be disassembled and carried or flown to a site then reassembled, to track driven machines from 5 feet wide to 11.5 feet wide with torque ranging from 3,000 ft. lbs to 75,000 ft. lbs.  Not only do we have various drill rigs but we have over 100 drilling tools available in our yard so that we can be more efficient and bring the best tooling, and if we are unable to find tools to facilitate specific types of drilling we will design, modify, and manufacture tools on site.  We are also continuously upgrading drilling and service equipment to be able to offer the best drilling services one can offer. 

We appreciate every opportunity to be of service and look forward to working with you.