Our Project History

Southern California Edison - Segment 7 Tehachapi

Drilled over 80 different locations for lattice and TSP towers.  


Southern California Edison - San Joaquin Cross Valley Loop 

Drilled 150 holes at various depths up to 10' in diameter.


California Resources Corporation (Formerly Occidental Petroleum) - Port of Long Beach 

Drilled over 500 conductor holes to an 80' depth with a water table at 6'.


AH Beck Foundation Company - Alcoa Aluminum Plant

Drilled 50 holes 24" x 60' with 20' overhead clearance and water table at 4'.


Wasatch Electric - Blythe Transmission Project

Drilled 45 holes for direct burial TSP. 


Bridgewater Equipment - Ludlow Bridge Replacement 

Drill to solid rock, install 30" casing, drill 8' into solid rock at 24" diameter with only 17' of overhead clearance. 


ABCO Drilling - Hacienda Hotel, El Segundo

Drilled 60" x 75' holes with 15' of overhead clearance.