Our Story

For 47 years Howell Drilling, Inc. has been an innovator in the drilling industry.  Howell Drilling, Inc. was founded in 1971 and has built a reputation on quality of service.  A family owned and operated business, whose two owners combined have 86 years of drilling experience, continues to provide drilling solutions for their customers. One of the owners has invented the Lodril, widely known and used foundation drilling equipment.

Howell Drilling, Inc. is a multi-time recipient of the ADSC safety award for companies of our size.  We have never in our 47 years had a company injury that resulted in permanent disability. We are proud of our safety operations and we believe that providing our employees with excellent equipment and proper training and keeping current on safety regulations provides us and our customers with the safest environment possible.  Howell Drilling, Inc. continually upgrades and purchases new equipment.  By operating our own trucks and trailers to haul our equipment, and providing our employees with new or near new service vehicles and cell phones we are able to respond immediately to our customer’s needs. In the extremely unusual event that one of our drill rigs breaks down, we have backup equipment available immediately.  Because we own one of the most versatile fleets of specialty drilling equipment, we are able to provide our customer with the proper equipment for each specific project.

We believe we have the best equipment available. Not only do we maintain our equipment to high standards we also have the capability to repair and modify, as well as manufacture complete drilling units at our facility.  Whether it is a job with unlimited access or a job with extremely restricted access, Howell Drilling, Inc. will adapt to fulfill the specific requirements of even the most difficult drilling conditions. Howell Drilling, Inc. takes pride in its performance and we have built our reputation on the caliber of our service.